Moving to a new, unknown country is no small undertaking. P&D Care is specialized in ensuring the move proceeds with no hitches. We have been offering local support and guidance to employees of many international organizations. P&D Care is recognized as an excellent expat service provider and often times considered as the first friend abroad.

Throughout the years we have grown rapidly and expanded our expat services to suit a wide variety of needs. We specialize in preparing individuals, to help them make the move to the Netherlands. We do our utmost to ensure the international employees adjust seamlessly to their environment and this is where our broad knowledge of the local market comes into play. The arrival of an international worker is a very unique event for each organization. The newcomer is confronted with so many uncertainties, emotions and questions. At P&D Care, we help all new arrivals tackle these questions, making the acclimatization process as easy as possible. We make sure that their relocation to Holland will never interfere with their ability to do the job the best they can!

For employers this can be a time consuming and costly process, but not so for P&D Care. We specialize in smooth relocation services for newcomers to the Netherlands, their partners and/or family. To ensure a comfortable and smooth transition, leave no stone unturned and contact P&D Care.



P&D Care, an official partner of the Holland Expat Centre South, we are an added value to employers and to Expats wanting to relocate to the region.


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Fun Fact: P&D Care has been in collaboration with the American TV show House Hunters International where we support a family from the USA with their relocation in the Netherlands! further information regarding this broadcast check out this link! http://www.hgtv.com/house-hunters-international/village-townhomes-of-tilburg-netherlands/index.html