Formalities When Moving To The Netherlands

There are numerous laws and regulations relating to immigration in the Netherlands. Don't try and wade through this procedural mire, get P&D Care, with its specialized knowledge of all the legal ins and out, and allow us to give you the opportunity to act as authorized representative when applying for the various permits (residence and work). We will be there every step of the way during the application and retrieval of the relevant documents offering advice and assistance.

The Netherlands requires that an international employee wishing to settle here needs certain visas and/or permits, depending on the individual's country of origin. Specific documents must be submitted to the authorities for the preparation of the immigration forms and insurances as well as a Dutch bank account will have to be arranged.

And this is where P&D Care’s expertise really comes to the fore. We will guide the both you effortlessly through the quagmire of Dutch licenses and formalities. Moving to Holland made easy.